Full Renovation and Proposed Back Extension to a Villa


The project comprised of a large back extension and creating a accommodation within the attic level and fully renovate two bedroom Bungalow into a four bedroom House.

Construction phase started on January 2018 and completed on August 2018.

Here are some Images of the project as completed.

BXL170354_lounge (2) web web 10 web 9 web 8 web 7 web 6 web 5 web 4 web 3 web 2 BXL170354_utility BXL170354_study (bedroom 5) BXL170354_sitting room BXL170354_rear of house BXL170354_rear garden BXL170354_rear garden. BXL170354_lounge BXL170354_kitdinfamily BXL170354_kitchen BXL170354_headboard BXL170354_hall BXL170354_front (to be replaced) BXL170354_family BXL170354_en-suite BXL170354_dinkitfamily (2)